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Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership Adventure-Learning

Adaptive Leadership Adventure-Learning Program

Adaptive Leadership is About Purpose and Possibilities!


adaptive leadership - Adventure Learning Program - Overview

Adaptive Leadership demands inspiration and perspiration. It is an approach to making real progress on the most important, and often intractable, challenges you face. Our concepts, tools, and tactics help you mobilize your people toward a collective purpose that rises above your own personal ambitions. Adaptive Leadership  brings about the profound change required to release more of your people’s real potential and possibilities by helping you tackle your greatest challenges.

Adaptive Leaders diagnose the essential from the expendable and bring about a real challenge to the status quo. They Solve their most intractable challenges by diagnosing and acting upon the system and themselves. In today's ever-increasingly complex and fast-paced business climate, leaders feel immense pressure to solve problems quickly. But your most important, and often threatening, challenges are likely not amenable to this reactionary approach. Diagnosis is one of the most undervalued capacities of Leadership and essential to solving Adaptive Challenges.

Adaptive Leaders build cultures that: Name the Elephants, Share Accountability, Foster Debate, Build Leadership Capacity, and Institutionalize Reflection and Continuous Learning. Learn How To:

  • Diagnose and Act Upon the System and Yourself

  • Get 'Off the Dance Floor' and 'On the Balcony' to Really See Your Challenges

  • Distinguish Technical Problems from Adaptive Challenges

  • Observe, Interpret, and Intervene

  • Distinguish Leadership from Authority

  • Create and Live in 'Disequilibrium' to Bring About Real Adaptations

  • Engage Above and Below the Neck (Intellectually and Emotionally)

All experiences are universally accessible regardless of personality type or physical fitness and are designed to ensure everyone participates fully!  Unlike our Team-Building programs, in Adventure-Learning we 'process' the insights immediately after each activity so we can continually apply the insights the participants are experiencing to their greatest challenges and aspirations.

One other unique feature of our Adventure-Learning process is that we do not create 'in-tact' teams for the duration of the event. Instead, we arrange and rearrange the group into ever-changing teams as small as pairs and as large as the whole group! This approach optimizes interaction between all the participants and broadens and deepens the learning by tapping into the unique insights and diversity of your group dynamics!


The concept of becoming an ‘Adaptive Leader’ really resonated with our Senior Leaders. We’re seeing our roles through an entirely new lens and it’s paying dividends!
— L.R. President, Europe



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


3 to 4 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants