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Since 1995 Team Higher Ground has pioneered exceptional Laugh and Learn Team Building activities that Lift Your People and Deliver Results critical to your success! From first contact to final delivery, our Exceptional People work tirelessly to make your job as event organizer Easy and Fun! In addition to delivering world-class Team Building programs Team Higher Ground is dedicated, from First Contact to Final Delivery, to making your job as event organizer as easy and enjoyable as possible! Our Friendly, Helpful People and Client-Tested Process combine to guide you through the complexities of everything you'll need to know to help us ensure an Extraordinary Team Building experience!


I loved the laughter you brought out in our people and how skillfully you incorporated key messaging. The best event we’ve ever done. A huge Thumb’s Up!
— W.P., Sr VP, Microsoft


Easy ‘Four-Step’ Process…


Step 1. Get in Touch! Drop us an email or call and we'll start making your job easier! A friendly Team Member will guide you through our fast, fun 'Needs Assessment' then we're ready for Step 2...


Step 2. We'll send you a Detailed Proposal via email that includes exciting Team Building options, detailed Program Descriptions, Pricing and everything else you'll need to move on to Step 3..


Step 4. Now it's time for Team Higher Ground to do what we love! We'll deliver the Right People and Program to ensure a truly unforgettable Laugh, Learn, and Lift Team Building experience!


Step 3. Next our Friendly People will help you with your Event Planning and Logistics, Recommending Venues and Providing Detailed Room Set-Up Diagrams, then it's on to the excitement of Step 4...

Let’s Work Together & Create Something Extraordinary!

Let’s Work Together & Create Something Extraordinary!



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Team Building or Adventure Learning?



On a scale of 1-10 (1 = pure laughter and 10 = pure learning) the Team Building activities (e.g. Innit 2 Winnit, Laugh Olympics, Leaky Contiki, & Biker Build-Off) are about a “3” or "4" - super-engaging and energizing, more laughter than learning yet leave the participants feeling rewarded, celebrated and also deliver some lasting insights into team work that naturally spill out of the experience (with or without debriefing).

'Stay n' Play' Style Team-Building activities (e.g. Innit 2 Winnit, Laugh Olympics, Leaky Contiki, & Biker Build-Off) are a better choice versus Race/Chase style team-building events (e.g. Amazing Chase) if you're primarily focused on capturing/leveraging the group size and energy, unleashing competition while also revealing collaboration, and providing a truly shared experience with all attendees!

Also, with 'Stay n' Play' style options we can create much more energy and interactivity not only within each team but also between all the teams! These options really maximize the precious 'face-time' as the teams are shoulder-to-shoulder for 100% of the event! These events really "lift off" thanks to all that amazing human energy interacting in one place, at one time!

Race/Chase style team building activities (e.g. Amazing Chase) are a great choice if you’re looking to have a blast through fun competition while also discovering your host location in a totally unique and memorable way! Many clients love this style of event for its combination of team challenge and exploration!


On a scale of 1-10 (1 = pure laughter and 10 = pure learning) the Adventure Learning options (e.g. What's Possible) are about a "7" or “8” - still allot of laughter but always in service of revealing how your people think and react when facing challenges and each activity is immediately processed to gain the most traction and 'transference' back to their culture and performance!

Adventure Learning Experiences still provide allot of fun and definitely leave the participants feeling motivated and re-energized, but their main focus/value is in creating powerful learning that translates immediately to how your people think and react to their real-life challenges and opportunities so they can begin making improvements immediately!

Unlike Team-Building, where teams are created and remain together throughout, in Adventure-Learning experiences we create new teams/groupings for each activity maximizing the amount of interaction between all participants.

Also, we process (debrief) each activity immediately so the insights being shared and behaviours (e.g. trust, collaboration, communication, innovation, problem-solving, planning, etc.) being demonstrated are transferred into powerful ideas/actions the participants can apply to increase results in their jobs! Adventure-Learning is a great choice for smaller, Senior Leadership groups where new ways of thinking and responding can lead to organization-wide impact!