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5 Advantages of Teamwork in a TQM Organization!

People are a fundamental building block of any total quality management (TQM) organization. The only point at which true responsibility for quality can lie is with the person or group actually doing the job or carrying out the process. The complexity of most of the processes in an organization places them beyond the control of any one individual, and the only efficient way to tackle process improvement or re-design is through the use of teamwork.

Teamwork has many advantages - here's five:

  1. A greater variety of complex issues can be tackled by pooling expertise and resources

  2. Problems are exposed to a greater diversity of knowledge, skill and experience

  3. The approach boosts morale and ownership through participative decision making

  4. Improvement opportunities that cross departmental or functional boundaries can be more easily addressed

  5. The recommendations are more likely to be implemented than if they come from an individual

Employees will not engage in continuous improvement activities without commitment from senior leaders/managers, a culture for improvement and an effective mechanism for capturing individual contributions.

Teamwork must be driven by a strategy, have a structure and be implemented thoughtfully and effectively. When properly managed and developed, teamwork improves processes and produces results quickly and economically through the free exchange of ideas, information, knowledge and data. It is an essential component of a total quality organization, building trust, improving communication and developing a culture of interdependence, rather than one of independence.