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Big Ideas about Team Building (& Life)!

5 Team Building and Employee Development Activities

Team building: It is a very common term that is often discussed in many organizations today as a means of trying to get employees to accomplish common goals. Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration! In order for this to happen, you have to be innovative when coming up with team building activities. Team Higher Ground’s “Laugh, Learn and Lift” Team Building Activities provide you with over 50 creative options while making make your life as organizer’s as easy (and fun) as possible!

Here’s a few ideas for strengthening your teamwork and developing your people that you can put into practice with great results:


Many people know from first-hand experience that the grind corporate life can wear you down mentally, physically, and emotionally. Motivated, durable employees are more productive, which in turn, will increase the bottom line. In order to accomplish this, many companies choose to offer a recognition and rewards system to their workers as a means of positive reinforcement. Get creative: Performance bonuses, small cash gifts for “wowing” a customer or colleague, gift cards, bonus vacation days are just a few things to consider.


Lunch on the company, at an off-site restaurant, is a great way for business leaders to encourage team camaraderie among their employees. Sharing food and having fellowship with the people you work with will greatly enhance trust and communication. This will also help in strengthening the personal bonds between co-workers and can strengthen the professional development of the team.


Sometimes we get so caught up in putting so many hours in on the job that we forget to make time for ourselves. This can definitely have a negative effect on your health over time, especially under times of greater stress and pressure. Get some co-workers, and go exercise together. Doing group fitness workouts, or even taking a long, brisk walk generates positive. You are more likely stay motivated if you are being held accountable by others and having friends and colleagues by your side will also allow you to push each other, and enjoy the feeling of success together.


This will take some creativity, common sense, and forethought, but it is a great way to get people to think outside the box, and have a stronger appreciation for different roles and responsibilities within the business or team. Job swapping helps your people develop mutual empathy and understanding and allows members of your team to become more versatile, which increases the overall value of the organization. A variation on this idea is to “job shadow” where, for example your people spend time with other members of the broader team “walking in their shoes!” A good example would be for people from Marketing to go out with Sales for a day, and Sales staff to spend time in the Marketing department!


People who job-share are significantly happier and more productive than those who work full-time. Job-sharing typically creates a sense of appreciation from Employees who feel the organization is demonstrating an understanding of their work-life balance needs. Benefits to the organization may include: Retention of high performing employees who are seeking more flexibility due to a change in personal circumstances. A wider, mixed skill-set and a complementary combination of experience and approach. A more satisfied, happy workforce leading to higher productivity and lower absenteeism. More ability to cover sickness and holiday leave, giving better continuity of service!