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City Tag

City Tag - Team Building Activities

City Tag Team Building

Experience Your Environment & Interact with Amazing Technology!


city tag - Team Building Activities - Overview

Team Higher Ground’s City Tag is one of our most popular team building events, leveraging fun and leading-edge technology to revolutionize the Amazing Race style of Team Building! Teams are provided with clues to ten or more Tag-Points and must decide on a strategy for finding and completing as many Tag-Points as possible within the event time limit (Typically 2.5 hours is about the “sweet spot” so Teams have enough time to explore, but without becoming tired or disengaged). Teams not only work together to find the Tag-Points, but at each different location, they must use a smart phone to receive specific instructions, clues, and activity guidelines. City Tag is an amazing team building experience that links the physical analog world with wired digital world, and of course connects your people together in a fun and meaningful way!


The City Tag Team Building is so fun even our most hard-to-please people were blown away. We got to see first-hand what smart people and smart technology can accomplish!
— F.G. Vice President, Sales



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


2 to 3 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants