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Gourmet-To-Go Team Building

“Hell's Kitchen” Cook-Off meets “Amazing Race” scavenger hunt!


gourmet-to-go - Team Building Activities - Overview

At the start of Team Higher Ground’s Gourmet-To-Go Team Building event, teams are given a Map, Menu, and Budget then scramble to secure the ingredients they need to create their culinary creations back at their event “home base!”. Gourmet-To-Go allows your people to discover their host location and interact with the local culture during a short (about 30-minutes typically) scavenger hunt front-end, before dashing back to prepare their meals in their fully-stocked kitchen set-ups. After Teams have created their meals, they present them to the judges (and each other)for tasting and enjoyment. After trying each-other’s culinary inventions, and before closing ceremonies (we have some super-fun all-group activities we include to end your experience on a shared high-note) we have time for fun awards (prizes included). Part Amazing Race and Part Cook-Off, Team Higher Ground’s Gourmet-To-Go is a blast!


Good food and good times. The added bonus of hitting the local market allowed us to get out of our hotel and experience a bit of the city! Great fun!
— L.W. Director, Marketing



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


2 to 3 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants