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Leaky Contiki

Leaky Contiki - Team Building Activities

Leaky Contiki Team Building

Design, Build, and Race One-of-a-Kind Life-sized nautical Vessels!


leaky contiki - Team Building Activities - Overview

Team Higher Ground’s Leaky Contiki is a hilarious nautical-themed team adventure that tasks teams to design, build, and skipper their one-of-a-kind boat (well. ‘boat’ may be a bit generous a description given some of the wild and wacky semi-floatable crafts your people will invent!) in a winner-takes-all, loser-gets-wet, racing regatta. Feel the excitement swell as each Crew’s unique creations are Paraded to the Port, presented to the Commodore’s Club, then boarded (revealing which teams have inadvertently built submarines instead of sailboats)! The event culminates with the regatta race and awards. Leaky Contiki promises to be the most fun you will ever have as a team and is deliverable anywhere in the world either outdoors (lakes/ocean) or indoors (hotel swimming pool)! One of Team Higher Ground’s most popular events for how truly engaging and over-the-top fun it is! Your people will love Leaky Contiki!


We’ll never forget the sights and sounds of the Leaky Contiki race. We brought THG all the way to Zanzibar and it was the perfect decision!
— M.W. Vice President, Global Security



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


2 to 3 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants