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Sling Shot

Sling Shot - Team Building Activities

Sling Shot Team Building

competition to Catapult Your Team to Success!


sling shot - Team Building Activities - Overview

Teams compete in a series of brain-busting and team-bonding team challenges to earn their way up to the Sling Shot Supply Store where they can select parts to begin building their unique catapult! Once parts have been acquired, teams must engineer what they feel will be a functioning catapult capable of hurling objects farther, and more accurately than the other teams. Prior to the hurl-off, teams will present their catapults for review by the other teams and participants will vote/wager on who they think will mount the winning catapult campaign. The mixture of fun games to earn catapulting materials and the challenge of building and launching a functioning catapult make Team Higher Ground’s Sling Shot Team Building an excellent choice for left brain (e.g. Finance) and right-brain 9e.g. Marketing) participants. Everyone will have a blast(off) with the Sling Shot Team Building event!


Catapult Build-Off involved thinking & planning but also building and performing. A whole lot of fun for everyone. Great job THG!
— R.D. Director, Accounts Receivable



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


2 to 3 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants