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Strategy Lab

Strategy Lab Adventure-Learning

Strategy Lab Adventure-Learning Program

Discover and Apply Your untapped Genius to Strategic Planning!


strategy lab - Adventure Learning Program - Overview

Strategy Lab is a dynamic Adventure Learning Program that 'primes the pump' for an extraordinarily revealing and effective Strategy Creation session. Utilizing state-of-the-art research, hands-on experiments, custom designed learning activities, and powerful yet easy-to-use business models, we guide your people in discovering and applying their collective creative genius to the creating of a high-level Strategic Plan!

Strategy Lab is a custom-created learning adventure designed to jump-start your Strategic Planning session by bringing your people together and revealing their collective wisdom! Based on cutting-edge research, leavened by our clients real-world experience, Strategy Lab provides a ‘living laboratory’ that powerfully brings out the best in your people’s thinking and experiences. Throughout this extraordinary ‘hands-on’ learning adventure, we’ll employ an optimal mix and balance of learning activities, business simulations, assessment tools, and profound yet accessible strategic guidelines.

Built on a solid foundation of group ‘Emotional Intelligence’ insights and practices, we create an environment (culture) that brings out the best in your people. The cornerstones of these interrelated Emotional Intelligence ‘building blocks’ include: Trust, Openness, and Courage. From our emotional foundation we then exploit cutting-edge group theory into creating a ‘What’s Possible’ mindset, and explore true Group Wisdom. Strategy Lab reveals insights that show how to:

  • Create a Foundation of Trust

  • Leverage Team Trust to Ensure People are Contributing Fully and Honestly

  • Create the Creative Tension that Fosters New Thinking

  • Build Consensus and Commitment out of healthy Conflict and Debate

  • Discover and Create the Conditions that Generate 'Group Wisdom'

  • Release Your Individual and Collective Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Experience and Apply a 'What's Possible' Mindset

  • Really Show Up for Your Strategic Planning Process

All experiences are universally accessible regardless of personality type or physical fitness and are designed to ensure everyone participates fully!  Unlike our Team-Building programs, in Adventure-Learning we 'process' the insights immediately after each activity so we can continually apply the insights the participants are experiencing to their greatest challenges and aspirations.

One other unique feature of our Adventure-Learning process is that we do not create 'in-tact' teams for the duration of the event. Instead, we arrange and rearrange the group into ever-changing teams as small as pairs and as large as the whole group! This approach optimizes interaction between all the participants and broadens and deepens the learning by tapping into the unique insights and diversity of your group dynamics!


Strategy Lab combined hands-on activities with helpful business models to ultimately create a higher level of thinking amongst our leadership team!
— H.J. Vice President, M & A



Anywhere You’re Gathering, THG Can Be There Too!


3 to 4 Hours (Shorter Duration on Request)!


Indoor: Anytime
Outdoor: Spring, Summer, Fall


30 - 3,000 Planned Participants