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Adventure-Learning Team Building

Below are Team Higher Ground's most popular “Adventure Learning” Programs! Team Higher Ground's hands-on, highly-effective Adventure Learning programs lead with laughter but focus mostly on creating powerful learning that your people can immediately apply to their most critical real-world opportunities and challenges! Laugh, Learn, & Lift your People!


What’s Possible Adventure

What’s Possible Adventure-Learning Program. Discover Your Extraordinary Potential & Achieve Amazing Results!

change agents adventure

Change Agents Adventure-Learning Program! Overcome ‘Immunity to Change’ Mechanism & Thrive on Change!

courageous teams adventure

Courageous Teams Adventure-Learning Program. A Team is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Maximize Team Performance!

adaptive leadership adventure

Adaptive Leadership Adventure-Learning Program! Learn Leadership Skills for Ever-Changing, Challenging Times!

tu casa mi casa adventure

Tu Casa Mi Casa Adventure-Learning Program. Take Your Communications Skills to a Greatly Effective Level!

strategy lab adventure

Strategy Lab Adventure-Learning Program! ‘Prime the Pump’ for an Extraordinary Strategic Planning Session!



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