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Evening Team Building

Below are Team Higher Ground's most popular Evening Team Building options! The below options are some of our client's favourite Night-Time Team Building Activities used to create that perfect blend of fun, networking, and teamwork! These options are guaranteed to re-energize, celebrate, and reward your people (even after after a full-day of work or meetings)!



Earn your Materials from the Cake Shop then Design, Decorate, and Deliver your Award-Winning Cakes!

family feud TEAM BUILDING

Family Feud Game Show! Authentic Recreation of TV Version but Modified for Exciting Team Play!

chocolate factory

Chocolate Factory is a Sweet Treat of a Team Challenge! Create One-of-a-Kind, Fun & Edible Confectionaries!


An Authentic Parody of Summer or Winter Olympic Events Including Hilarious and Universally Accessible Games!

team jeopardy TEAM BUILDING

Team Jeopardy is a Faithful Re-Creation of the TV Game Show Modified for Team Play & Group Entertainment!

amairican idol team building

Am-Air-Ican Idol Team Building! Because Everyone Should Get to Feel Like a Super-Star Just Once!

innit 2 winnit TEAM BUILDING

Innit 2 Winnit Team Building! Many, Many Food Related Games Available in this 60-Second Team Competition!


Kickstart Maximizes Connections by Creating New Teams with Every New Activity! Only 60 Min (or more) Needed!

give-back packs TEAM BUILDING

Give-Back Packs! Earn Cool School Supplies to Stuff the Back-Pack Your Team Personalizes and Donates!

caring cook-off TEAM BUILDING

Caring Cook-Off! Create Meals to Enjoy & Share with the Local Homeless Community! Give Back to the Homeless!

leaky contiki TEAM BUILDING

Leaky Contiki is a Super-Colourful Nautical Boat Race! Build, Decorate, Display & Race Life-Sized Boats!

movie studio team building

Movie Studio! Each Movie Studio (Team) Produces an Extraordinary 3 to 5 Minute Digital Short Film!

hell’s kitchen TEAM BUILDING

Hell’s Kitchen is our Client’s All-Time Favourite Culinary Team Building Event! Win the Most Loyal Customers!

sangria sip-off TEAM BUILDING

Sangria Sip-Off! Start a Winery, Build Unique Sangria Brand & Product, Pitch Your Sangria before Tastings!

biker build-off TEAM BUILDING

Biker Build-Off is a Give-Back Style Team Building Event! Build, Theme, Present, Race & Donate your Bicycles!

overhaulin’ TEAM BUILDING

Overhaulin’ is a True Team Challenge! Assemble & Race Your Team’s One-of-a-Kind Soap-Box-Derby Race Car!

parchitects TEAM BUILDING

Parchitects Let’s Each Team Build, Theme, and Present One Unique Mini-Golf Hole before the Mini-Golf Showdown!

Paws for a cause team building

Paws for a Cause! Have a Blast Together and Make the Lives of our Four-Legged Furry Friends a Little Brighter!



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