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Indoor Team Building

Below are Team Higher Ground's most popular Indoor Team Building options! Selecting from this extraordinary list of programs means you won’t have to worry about the variables and vagaries of running an outdoor event! To see all of Team Higher Ground’s 50+ Team Building Activities just ‘click’ on the Programs page in the menu above!



Innit 2 Winnit is a series of Fast-Paced Super-Fun Team Games Based on the Popular T.V. Show 'Minute to Win It!'

biker build-off TEAM BUILDING

Biker Build-Off is a Give-Back Style Team Building Event! Build, Theme, Present, Race & Donate your Bicycles!

reign of thrones TEAM BUILDING

Reign of Thrones! Design, Build, Test & Catapults & Defend your Castles. A Medieval Good Time Team Competition!


An Authentic Parody of Summer or Winter Olympic Events Including Hilarious and Universally Accessible Games!

team jeopardy TEAM BUILDING

Team Jeopardy is a Faithful Re-Creation of the TV Game Show Modified for Team Play & Group Entertainment!

chocolate factory

Chocolate Factory is a Sweet Treat of a Team Challenge! Create One-of-a-Kind, Fun & Edible Confectionaries!


Earn your Materials from the Cake Shop then Design, Decorate, and Deliver your Award-Winning Cakes!


Kickstart Maximizes Connections by Creating New Teams with Every New Activity! Only 60 Min (or more) Needed!

give-back packs TEAM BUILDING

Give-Back Packs! Earn Cool School Supplies to Stuff the Back-Pack Your Team Personalizes and Donates!

caring cook-off TEAM BUILDING

Caring Cook-Off! Create Meals to Enjoy & Share with the Local Homeless Community! Give Back to the Homeless!

leaky contiki TEAM BUILDING

Leaky Contiki is a Super-Colourful Nautical Boat Race! Build, Decorate, Display & Race Life-Sized Boats!

movie studio team building

Movie Studio! Each Movie Studio (Team) Produces an Extraordinary 3 to 5 Minute Digital Short Film!

hell’s kitchen TEAM BUILDING

Hell’s Kitchen is our Client’s All-Time Favourite Culinary Team Building Event! Win the Most Loyal Customers!

sangria sip-off TEAM BUILDING

Sangria Sip-Off! Start a Winery, Build Unique Sangria Brand & Product, Pitch Your Sangria before Tastings!

family feud TEAM BUILDING

Family Feud Game Show! Authentic Recreation of TV Version but Modified for Exciting Team Play!

overhaulin’ TEAM BUILDING

Overhaulin’ is a True Team Challenge! Assemble & Race Your Team’s One-of-a-Kind Soap-Box-Derby Race Car!

parchitects TEAM BUILDING

Parchitects Let’s Each Team Build, Theme, and Present One Unique Mini-Golf Hole before the Mini-Golf Showdown!

Paws for a cause team building

Paws for a Cause! Have a Blast Together and Make the Lives of our Four-Legged Furry Friends a Little Brighter!



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